Will Chest Flyes Lift My Breasts?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this exact question.

I also can’t tell you how many times I’ve shook my head in disbelief when I hear a trainer suggest flyes to remedy the situation.

Here’s the deal – skin is skin and muscle is muscle. Period.

No matter how many chest flyes or exercises you perform, you won’t change the fact that the skin around your breasts is loose or flabby. Sure you’ll build a bit of muscle beneath the skin, but it’ll have nearly no effect on the overlying skin.

I know some trainers will say you’ll ‘fill the skin out’ with muscle, but that’s absurd! It would take a HUGE amount of muscle to pull loose skin taut and make droopiness go away.

The scenario is usually this – a women loses weight (as you have) and loses some breast mass. Remember your breasts are fatty tissue – so when weight is lost a lot of times breast size will decrease.

If you were a woman who was on the larger side, your skin had stretched as your breasts grew. Now with less bulk in the chest area, the skin will look looser and flabby. It’s a huge phenomenon that’s seen in women new to motherhood, especially those in their mid to late 30’s who breast feed and then lose weight as the child grows.

As we age our skin’s elasticity isn’t quite as strong as it once was, so once the skin stretches, it’s likely not going back. I also have to tell you that this is quite individual to the person, the same way that some women can regain their abdominals after birth and others really struggle. Some women bounce back right away while others aren’t as lucky.

It’s amazing to me that this myth has been around for so long. In many older movies you can see women pushing their palms together and pulsing to help lift their breasts. Lifting weights to tighten your skin is the same as rubbing skin cream on yourself to build bigger muscles – you follow me?

Now that said, I’d still suggest that you perform push–ups and of course use a balanced exercise program. And I’d also suggest you work on your posture. I’m not saying you’re a slouch, but many of us need to stand up straighter and as a nice side benefit, this will give the illusion of a better-looking chest. When we pull our shoulders back our chest rises and the skin across the chest gets pulled back a bit. So stand tall and proud!

Lastly let me say this. I know how hard it is to deal with areas of our bodies we don’t like. As I’ve said before, our society trains us to look for imperfections instead of celebrating our strengths. I’m not dismissing how you feel but I’d ask you to recognize that you’ve lost 15 pounds, you exercise regularly and I’m sure you’ve improved your health and fitness. Dina it’s taken me years to learn and I still struggle with it, but learn to recognize you’re far more than just a body. I hope that helps.

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