Mariah Carey Weight Loss: How She Got Her Body Back

By now you’ve probably read or seen that Mariah Carey is the new Jenny Craig spokesperson.

Mariah has been all over the press during the last 7 days including the cover of US Weekly  where Carey talks how she ‘Got Her Body Back’. At  41 and the mother of twins, she looks terrific.

Mariah’s weight has fluctuated a lot over the years – compare the Mariah of a couple of years ago to the waiflike Vision Of Love singer – quite a change! But I have to tread carefully here as I’ve caught a lot of flack recently from readers when I report on celebrities gaining weight. I’ve been called judgmental, critical, and one said it was a real “turn off”. Ouch!

But let me be upfront. The reason that I write these celebrity pieces is not to mock or belittle those people in the public eye – but to inform you.

The fact is usually when a celeb talks about their weight it’s because they’re also selling a book, diet plan, or an exercise regimen. In this case, Mariah is now singing the praises of Jenny Craig, just like other celebs like Mel B, Valerie Bertinelli, Kirstie Alley, Jason Alexander, Carrie Fisher and Sara Rue have.

That’s quite an impressive list of celebrities following a diet plan. But is her new look really just due to an eating regime and thrice weekly workouts? I wonder…

I’ve said before here on the site that the Jenny Craig system is a good one. But once again I find myself pointing out the reason Mariah lost weight. In her own words, she “followed a Jenny-certified diet and workout plan, consuming no more than 1,500 calories a day and working out three times a week”.

So it wasn’t the Jenny Craig system per se, but the fact that Mariah stayed within a structured program and ate a set amount of calories. Plus, exercise three times a week for 45 minutes helped burn off some fat and firm up her muscles.

But I also have to throw this out there – did Mariah have a tummy tuck? Let me be clear – I have no evidence or insider knowledge to support this theory, but I have my suspicions. For one, during her pregnancy with twins Mariah’s belly was HUGE, and I just don’t think it could return to its current appearance without some “assistance”.

Secondly, Carey’s belly button looks odd, misshaped, and in the wrong place, in fact her belly looks very similar to Kate Gosselin’s (who admittedly had the surgery). In case you don’t know, surgeons basically have to recreate a new belly button during tummy tuck surgeries as they literally cut away inches of excess and stretched skin. And if you look closely, up near Mariah’s hips you can see the tell tale “bunny ears”, which are creases of skin that bunch up a bit where the skin is sewn back together. It’s quite common and I’ve seen them before.

Now, am I saying the pop icon doesn’t work out or eat well? Nope.

Am I saying we shouldn’t give her credit for adopting a healthier, more fit lifestyle. Absolutely not. But if she has in fact had her belly area surgically enhanced, I think it’s a bit misleading, because now people will be under the impression that they too can achieve a similar look after gaining and losing 70lbs. of pregnancy weight through just diet and exercise alone.

If Mariah did indeed have surgery – and once again I have no proof here – I’d much rather hear her, or any celebrity, say they had something fixed that diet and exercise just couldn’t help with. In fact I’m all for people that live a healthy lifestyle getting “stubborn areas” taken care of. But if I had biceps implants and starting promoting an arm workout, I’d expect to lose a little credibility. You see my point?

I’ve known several women that have had the surgery and honestly I can tell you it looks simply amazing. And regardless of any possible plastic surgery, Mariah sure looks great – and she seems very happy with the outcome. But you know the Angry Trainer – we’re all about honesty here!

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