Jamie Eason and Her 12 Week Trainer Workout Program

To be honest, I’ve been following Eason and her 12 Week Trainer Workout Program on Twitter for quite a while now and regularly check in on her Facebook page.

Jamie Eason is a spokesperson for the Internet giant Bodybuilding.com and is a wildly successful and beautiful fitness model. Jamie has launched the 12 Week Trainer program in an effort to help people get in shape – but does it work – and will it get the Angry Trainer seal of approval. Let’s take a look…

12 Week Workout Program Shakedown

The Live Fit 12 Week Trainer is broken down into 3 x four week phases, and Jamie has designed each section to build upon what you’ve accomplished in the previous phase. She says that no matter your age, size, gender, or current shape, her program will work for you.

The reason is simple – tried and true exercises and healthy eating work for most people. Jamie also says that women shouldn’t fear building too much muscle and that they NEED to train with weights – advice she clearly follows herself.

In Phase 1, the program starts with a weight-training regimen to build muscle mass and a clean eating diet. Jamie says, “You can’t sculpt what you don’t have” and argues that the added muscle mass will speed up your metabolism.

You start with 4 days of exercise per week and by week 5, you add two more days for a total of 6 weight training workouts a week. Phase 2 features the addition of cardiovascular work to burn off body fat. And finally Phase 3 jacks up the entire workout by super setting your weight training, and the inclusion of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Within all the phases, Jamie also provides diet and supplement suggestions to maximize your time in the gym, plus a video intro to keep you informed.

The 12 Week Trainer Workout Program is extensive, with not only daily workouts for you to follow, but sample meal plans as well.

Each day of every week has a printable guide for that day’s workout and eating schedule, and includes different dietary recommendations for men and women. Jamie also includes some suggested supplements like fish oil and multi vitamins in the diet plan.

Jamie reveals that her parents and brother are all followers of her plan in addition to her clients, and all have achieved long lasting, sustainable results. She says you’ll feel better in just days and if you stick with the program you’ll get terrific results.

So how much is this intricate workout and diet plan? FREE! Yes FREE! Simply sign up on the Bodybuilding.com website and you’re good to go. You can track your progress, connect with others enrolled in the program, and even watch how to exercise videos. Remember it’s FREE!

Jamie Eason 12 Week Workout Program Conclusion

The primary goal of Jamie’s program is to change your body composition and alter your appearance.

Of course since Jamie is a spokesperson for BodyBuilding.com, you’d expect her program to lean towards a bodybuilding type routine. So there’s no real functional, stability or specific core training or one-legged exercises, kettlebells, TRX, or resistance band work written into the program.

You all know how much I love those! But interval sprints and some plyometrics are included later in the program, in the amped up Phase 3.

Okay that’s what’s missing – but that’s not to say this program isn’t great. Remember, variety in your training is key to your success, so there’s nothing wrong with hitting the weights and focusing on a bodybuilder type routine for a few months.

Just be sure to use Jamie’s program, like others, as a tool in your arsenal to get fit and healthy.

So will this program work for you? Yes it will – if, like Jamie says, you stick to the plan.

Make no mistake – this is a tough program. It’s without a doubt one of the more complete and intricate plans out there, and it can help both men and women get into great shape.

The exercise and diet suggestions are sound, and all you guys out there get to watch videos of Jamie (and that can’t be a bad thing!)

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