Is it Healthy to Eat Eggs Everyday?

Eggs! Sometimes it feels like every single day there’s a different news story suggesting that the little white ovals are bad for your health. And yet if you’re following a Paleo style regime you’ll know that eggs are an essential part of your daily diet.

So for today’s Fitness Fact Or Fiction I’m asking a simple question – can you eat eggs everyday?

Now I’m of the mindset, and always have been, that eggs are one of nature’s most perfect foods. No one can deny the nutritional makeup of these little powerhouses. Each egg can pack quite a punch. - they contain 13 essential nutrients and are a great source of protein. Critics of eggs cite their high fat content, but for me it’s a non-issue. Fat found in eggs contains both Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids, which we know to be healthy.

Recently a study came out saying that eating whole eggs was as bad for your health as smoking! Apparently whole egg consumption contributed to the hardening of the arteries in groups over the age of 40, similar to the effects of smoking. Personally I have a hard time in believing these results. For starters, exercising individuals have different needs then those who don’t. The study didn’t say whether or not the individuals led active lifestyles. Also, how were the eggs prepared? Let’s be honest many people who eat eggs fry them in butter or oil and add cheese, sides of bacon and sausage to their plate. And just how many whole eggs were the subjects actually eating?

I personally eat eggs probably 4–5 times per week and usually eat 2 whole eggs with 5 or 6 whites. The current recommendation is to consume no more than one whole egg, four days per week so I guess I’m a bit off – more like double in fact! But again I can’t help but feel that my regular exercise routine, varied vegetable intake and overall healthy lifestyle and diet supersede any side effects from eating eggs. In fact I have a really hard time believing that anything nature provides as a food source is bad for human consumption. Of course if YOU still have doubts you could always opt for eating egg whites. But be warned you have to eat a lot! Half of the protein is found in the yolk and an average egg white is just 12 calories or 4 grams of protein.

What irks me the most is what I feel to be the misguided focus on a specific food. Eating whole eggs is not a nutritional problem in this country. Eggs are not the reason America is obese! It’s our intake of high saturated, processed fats and foods, that are loaded with sugar and carbohydrates that are the issue at hand. And we eat way too much. Yet some people want to vilify eggs and compare them to smoking? Seriously?

At the end of the day I think this is a common sense issue. If you’re at all concerned then moderate your intake of whole eggs, especially if you have high cholesterol or a family history. That’s a no brainer in my book. But if you’re a healthy individual that leads an active lifestyle and enjoy eating two whole eggs with a slice a toast a few days per week I say go for it!

Can you eat eggs everyday? I think you sure can…!

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