IdealShape Shake Review: Everything You Need to Know

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Updated: March, 20​20

​What is it that sets the IdealShape ​Shake apart from the many other meal replacement shakes on the market?

Is it IdealShape's ability to pack in 11 grams of high quality whey protein, 5 grams of fiber and 20-21 vitamins and minerals in a great tasting shake with only 100-110 calories?

Is it their "built in" hunger-blocking blend that helps control hunger and cravings for up to 3 hours?

Maybe it's the fact that IdealShape offers a great tasting meal replacement shake, the IdealShape Shake, that doesn't leave you with the "deprivation" feeling that you might find with other shakes?

What Is The IdealShape Shake?

IdealShape has put together a complete weight loss plan which consists of a variety of different diet supplements that include snack bars and weight loss drinks including their popular meal replacement shake, IdealShake.

The shake is a complete calorie controlled meal alternative that is formulated to provide you with the necessary nutrients (protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals) that you would normally consume when eating a meal, but is designed to be low in calories and fat!

Across the internet and amongst many weight loss and diet support communities, the popular "IdealShake" goes by a couple of different names; IdealShape or the IdealShape Shake, so for the sake of this review and to make things simple I will be referring to the IdealShake as the "IdealShape Shake."

Important Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Like with any other weight loss supplement, it is important to do your research before changing or adding anything to your diet.​

Understand what it is that you're putting into your body and how the ingredients work to help you lose more weight.​


100-110 per serving​ (1 scoop) - Good!

Suprisingly, the IdealShape Shake is one of the lowest calorie per serving meal replacement shakes currently available on the market.


2.5g per serving​ (1 scoop) - Good!

With only 2.5 grams of fat per serving, the IdealShape Shake checks in with about have the amount of fat per serving when compared to other popular shakes such like Isagenix and VegaOne.


11g per serving (1 scoop) - Low!

Protein is essential to any weight loss diet.

A high protein diet can help boost your metabolism as well as reduce your appetite.

Experts say that the ideal protein intake is about 0.36g - 1g of protein for each pound in body weight, this of course depends on your activity level. (source)

Hunger-Blocking Blend

Fiber, Protein and Slendesta​ - Good!

The best way to lose weight, aside from exercise, is controlling your hunger and calorie intake and an effective meal replacement shake should do just that.

​If you take a look at the nutritional facts on the back of any meal replacement shake on the market you will notice a healthy serving of fiber, which acts as a natural appetite suppressant.

Of course, the IdealShape Shake does contain fiber, but IdealShape has set out to differentiate itself from other "big name" meal replacement shakes.

And to do this, IdealShape has added an extra "hunger fighting" ingredient to their shakes called Slendesta.

Slendesta is a protein extract, found in white potatoes, that has been proven to curb appetite for up to three hours.

Slendesta does this by enhancing the production of CCK in the body, which is a natural appetite suppressing hormone. (source)

What I like About IdealShape's IdealShake

Where do I begin?

IdealShape has so much to offer with a variety of great tasting ​IdealShake flavors and nutrient rich weight busting blends!


I'm not new to meal replacement shakes by any means; I know it can be tough to find a shake that not only gets the job done but tastes great too.

Taste is crucial; keep in mind that you are going to be replacing 1-2 meals a day with your chosen meal replacement shake.

IdealShape Shakes won't let you down; they taste great!

I have heard many great things about the chocolate flavor; it seems to be a favorite for many IdealShape dieters.

I'm a huge fan of the mocha flavored IdealShape Shake especially in place of my early morning breakfast.

Shake Consistency

When I say consistency, I'm talking about thickness and graininess of the shake once it is mixed into your choice of liquid.

Personally, I've never really had an issue with my IdealShape Shake's consistency​.

Like I said, I haven't been able to try all of the flavors yet, but I have heard that different flavors may have different consistencies.

Keep in mind, your choice of liquid that you mix your shake into will change your shake's consistency.

  • Mix with milk for a thicker shake - this may add additional calories depending on the milk that you're using.
  • Mix with water for a thinner, watery,  shake​

How you mix your shake will also effect it's consistency.

I've found that using a blender or shaker bottle usually leaves the shake with a smooth consistency; stirring with a spoon usually leaves the shake a clumpy mess.

Feeling of Satisfaction

A good meal replacement shake should not only taste good and provide you with the right nutrients to help you lose weight, it should also leave you feeling satiated; feeling full until your next meal.

The IdealShape Shake does just that!

I would often use one shake first thing in the morning before work and would be left feeling completely satisfied until lunch; without feeling bloated or uncomfortable.

IdealShape Shake

Per Serving



Total Fat


Total Carbs








The Good

Low calories

Low fat

Hunger-blocking blend

12 shake flavors

Only $1.67 per meal

The Bad

Artifical flavor

Low protein

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