10 High Calorie Diet Dangers

It’s quite an eye opener because even though some of these foods are considered to be healthy and nutritious, they can all be overeaten quite easily.

Since it’s not what you eat, but more importantly how much you eat that determines your weight and fat percentage, this list will hopefully come in quite handy.

Check these out…

1. Pasta – In the old days I’d eat an entire pound of pasta myself. But each box, or bag, contains nearly 1,700 calories! The suggested serving size is ¼ cup and comes in at 220 calories of mostly carbohydrates. Although the newer versions available have high fiber, protein and are generally more nutritious, you still need to watch the calories. Make pasta solely a side dish and use peppers, broccoli and other low calorie foods for bulk.

2. Raisins – I love the little red boxes of raisins as they remind me of my youth. But those little guys have up to 130 calories of almost pure sugar. Because they’re so sweet you can easily overeat them. Make sure you only grab a box on the go, and not a tub or bag!

3. Peanut Butter- In my Top Ten Snacks post I wrote about using peanut butter as topping on tortilla chips. But again you need to be careful as just 2 tbs. has 220 calories. I can easily use more than that which throws my calorie count way off. Use it, but sparingly. 

4. Bagels – Your favorite deli is serving up more than just egg sandwiches and coffee. Plain bagels can have upwards of 500 calories of mostly carbohydrates.  And that’s P L A I N, before you add butter or cream cheese. Either scoop out the center of the bagel “guts” to reduce the calories, or get the newer, slimmer, healthier versions available.

5. Peas – While peas are healthy, they pack quite a calorie punch - 1 cup = 120 calories. They also have fiber, protein, and a touch of sugar so they’re really nutritious. But once again it’s all about portion control.

6. Cheese – Just one slice or a cube the size of a domino can be almost 130 calories and up to 11 grams of fat. So all those cheese platters at functions and parties are loaded with calories and fat. Think twice before you stack up your Hoers D’oeuvres and limit yourself to just 1 piece.

7. Granola – Just ¼ cup of this widely touted health food has up to 220 calories. I see many people downing this stuff by the cupful thinking they’re being healthy, when they’re not. Instead of eating it alone, try using a little as topping on yogurt, low fat pudding, or with your cereal for an added crunch.

8. Beans – I include beans in many of my meals. They’re a great source of protein, fiber and complex carbs. But like peas they also have a high calorie count and range from 175 – 275 per 1 cup. I add them to mixed vegetables and include them in many meals; eggs, meat, or alone as a quick snack.

9. Avocado I’m a huge Avocado fan. I dip tortilla chips in the sauce, I use it with Quesadilla’s and other Mexican dishes. But they are calorie monsters! 1 medium avocado has almost 300 calories of mostly fat. Yes it’s a healthy fat, but moderation is really necessary. You can easily ruin a meal’s nutrition and caloric count with too much.

10. Olive Oil – Most people are under the impression that Olive Oil is healthy, and it is when used appropriately. But it has 120 calories per tablespoon, so when using it as a dressing, mix it with balsamic vinegar or lemon juice to cut down on calories. It’s very easy to use 2 tbsp. or more when sautéing or cooking vegetables, meats, and stir-fry. I use Pam spray and add the oil after for flavor.

There are many other high calorie foods out there. I put this list together because I think it represents the most commonly misunderstood high calorie foods and because I think most people assume that if a food’s healthy, they can eat all they want. Untrue as I’m sure you know.

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