Has Dr. Oz Gone Mad?

The other day I happened to be flipping through TV channels and came upon The Dr Oz Show.

For the most part, I like Dr. Oz – I think he’s hip, current and above all he explains things to people in ways that are easily understandable. BUT I will tell you that this particular episode left me disappointed, disgusted and frankly pissed off!

This particular show’s topic was centered on the subject of women’s backsides and how to reduce the size of a woman’s butt. Dr. Oz had a stage filled with women who all gave the reasons why they hated their above average sized butts and what they’d done to try to conceal or reduce them throughout the years.

Here’s a clip.

But it’s what happened next that truly astounded me – Dr. Oz recommended that the women eat 275 grams of carbohydrates per day, and according to him, doing so would help reduce their butt fat! But that’s not all – he went on to say they could consume all types of carbs including whole-wheat rolls filled with mashed potatoes! Are you freakin’ kidding me?

This show and the information given out was in my opinion wrong on so many levels that I’m literally beside myself. Lets start with the fact that every woman on his stage was considerably overweight and in fact some were even obese. Yet they somehow ended up on a show that discussed only booty fat. How about the fact that nearly all of the women had a minimum of 30 pounds to lose? I mean seriously, the stage looked like a Biggest Loser weigh-in, with all the participants wearing spandex shorts and T–shirts. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that these women have excess fat all over their body, don’t exercise or eat well, and need full body help, not just on their backsides! Come on!

Second, to suggest that eating mashed potatoes, pastas, breads and other refined carbohydrates are the way to weight loss is absurd. What is this, the early 80’s diet plan? Especially in the quantities the good Doctor suggested – 275 grams? That’s nearly 1200 calories per day of just carbohydrates, before calories from fats and proteins are even added. I don’t even eat that many carbohydrates. To add insult to injury Dr. Oz said the ladies also needed to reduce their fat intake to compensate for the extra sugars, and that this would facilitate fat loss. Listen, I know he has an MD, but Dr. Oz is off his rocker on this one!

Later the famous doc went on to share his magic recipe for Derriere Diet Butt-Busting Brownies that also allegedly target butt fat. Wanna know what’s in them? Well we have milk, oats, raisins, cayenne pepper and cinnamon. Okay and…? What’s so butt busting about that recipe? Yes it’s true cayenne pepper is known to have thermic qualities, meaning it raises body temperature and cinnamon does help regulate blood sugar levels. But to suggest eating these brownies targets butt fat is simply ridiculous.

Bizarrely at no point during the segment did Dr Oz stress the importance of a healthy lifestyle; diet, exercise, reducing calories and how to keep your insulin levels stable. In fact the doc’s actually a bit hypocritical, because later in the episode he revealed how a particular brand of sugar (one he’s endorsing actually), keeps blood sugar levels more stable than regular table sugar, which helps keep your energy consistent and is better for weight management. Yet he just told a stage filled with overweight women to eat pasta, mashed potatoes and rolls! Surely those aren’t low on the glycemic index and convert to sugar fairly quickly. So which is it Doc?

Here are the facts. We know that carbohydrate management is key to weight loss and that by taking in lower amounts of carbs, more of the body’s fat will be utilized for fuel. The reason is simple – carbohydrates are fuel and if you supply them to the body in ample amounts, your body will have no reason to use fat for fuel. Plus lower levels of sugars will also keep insulin levels low and prevent excess fat storage. Dr. Oz’s proposal not only goes against the grain, but it defies logic and rationale.

What bothers me most is that I’d bet Dr. Oz doesn’t eat 1,200 calories of carbohydrates per day, or his mashed potato sandwich. Yet he’s suggesting his audience give them a go. That’s just plain wrong in my view. My fear is that woman all across the nation watched this episode and are now eating tons of carbohydrates thinking it’ll make them thinner. It won’t.

I do like Dr. Oz, and I actually think he knows this is bad information. Everything else aside, even the suggestion that eating certain foods will specifically target your butt fat is nothing more than a fairy tale. You don’t need an MD after your name to know that.

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