10 Fitness Mantras to Keep You Motivated and Inspired

By now you’ve doubtless heard many of the fitness clichés, motivations and catchphrases that are throw out by the industry to help you get your butt in gear.

But guess what – I also have a few of my own you may be not be familiar with!

So today’s Top 10 comprises of my favorite Fitness Mantras. a collection of statements I live by to help keep my fitness and health in check. Some are originals by yours truly, while others are phrases I’ve heard throughout the years and ‘borrowed’. Hope they inspire you as much as they have me…

Here we go:

1. ‘The Best Program Is The One You’re Not On’ – This one’s in reference to the masses of people that NEVER change up their workout routine and do the same thing for years! To truly maximize your efforts in the gym, you should be constantly including different modes and types of exercises and stick with the same program for no longer than 6 weeks. Are you stuck in a fitness rut?

2. ‘Everyone Has 24 Hours Per Day’ – This is for those of you that use the “I don’t have time” excuse. Sure you do, everybody does! The issue is whether a fitness program is a priority and important enough for you to schedule it in your day. You can get a great workout right in your house with minimal equipment, so don’t say you don’t have time.

3. ‘If Man Made It, Don’t Eat It’ – You can thank the great Jack LaLanne for these wise words. Processed, high fat, refined, genetically modified food is without a doubt responsible our nations obesity pandemic. Jack’s words are all about eating whole, naturally occurring foods that weren’t born in a lab. If Mother Nature provided it, chances are it’s a great choice.

4. ‘Lift The Weights, Not Your Ego’ – How many people, mostly men, have you seen attempting to lift incredible weights, with sloppy form, all in an effort to feed their ego? I see it everyday in my gym. These are usually the same knuckleheads that won’t rack the weights and scream for attention. Focus on using a weight that challenges your muscles and one that allows great form. Trust me, no one of consequence cares how much you lift.

5. ‘Use Your Body, Change Your Life’ – This is all mine! And what I mean is once you start exercising to be fit, not just look it, your quality of life will change for the better. Sitting on machines and bodybuilding doesn’t translate into vitality and functional fitness. Once you start including balance, plyometrics, kettlebells, calisthenics, and other true fitness movements, your life will change!

6. ‘No Pain, No Gain’– I had to include this one as it’s probably the most well known fitness phrase of all. But I think it needs a bit of clarification. Pain from muscle burn and fatigue is a necessary evil in an efficient workout regimen, and speaks to your level of intensity. But when you have pain from an injury, or a chronic soreness in a specific area of your body, it’s not time to play Superman. Be smart when it comes to your body and listen to the signals it sends.

7. ‘The Exercises You Like Least Are The Best One’s For You’ – Human nature leads us to gravitate towards exercises we can do well and ones that make us feel accomplished. But the exercises we dread or hate are great for exposing weaknesses, overcoming obstacles, and usually represent the greatest challenge. Try putting a routine together that is 50% comprised of movements that you find extremely difficult. After a month or so, you’ll be able to cross them off the list! 

8. ‘If You Start To Get Sick Of The Gym, You’ll Get Sick!’ –Most people are under the assumption that the benefits from exercise will continue to grow the more time you put in at the gym. But while this is true to a certain extent, overtraining, and not getting sufficient rest and recuperation can potentially make you more susceptible to illness and injury and possibly even make you fatter! Excess is never good, especially in fitness.

9. ‘Success Is A Decision You Make’ – This is another line from the Angry Trainer playbook and one that I post regularly on Facebook and Twitter. While I use it to empower people to succeed in their fitness endeavors, the truth is it applies to everything in life. I always say “You have to learn to get out of your own way”, and what I mean is that we are our own worst enemies. Tenacity and persistence will always win in the long run.

10. ‘Obstacles Are Just Hurdles To Overcome’ – Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is known for his powerful inspirational words. He tweeted something similar a few weeks back and I thought, “great line”. Too many people use obstacles as reasons for not being able to succeed and in the case of fitness we’ve heard all the excuses. But obstacles can be learned from, and are just training variables. Whether it’s working around an injury, having limited time, or no equipment, anything put in your way can be overcome.

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