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Will Chest Flyes Lift My Breasts?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this exact question. I also can’t tell you how many times I’ve shook my head in disbelief when I hear a trainer suggest flyes to remedy the situation. Here’s the deal – skin is skin and muscle is muscle. Period. No matter how many chest flyes or exercises you […]

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Do Epsom Salt Baths Work?

At the end of one of my classes yesterday, one participant told another to go home and soak in an Epsom salt bath to help muscle soreness. Taking an Epsom salt bath, is meant to detoxify the body, cure muscle aches and soreness and alleviate join pain. So, is it true? Will a quick soak in […]

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Jamie Eason and Her 12 Week Trainer Workout Program

To be honest, I’ve been following Eason and her 12 Week Trainer Workout Program on Twitter for quite a while now and regularly check in on her Facebook page. Jamie Eason is a spokesperson for the Internet giant and is a wildly successful and beautiful fitness model. Jamie has launched the 12 Week Trainer program […]

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20 Types of People You’ll Meet at the Gym

I’ve always said the gym is a culture in itself – as rich as any National Geographic Channel special! Don’t be fooled into thinking the people you’re working out with just like having big muscles and hot bodies. Underneath the training are a complex set of personality traits and some ritualistic gym behavior. So for a bit […]

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Mariah Carey Weight Loss: How She Got Her Body Back

By now you’ve probably read or seen that Mariah Carey is the new Jenny Craig spokesperson. Mariah has been all over the press during the last 7 days including the cover of US Weekly  where Carey talks how she ‘Got Her Body Back’. At  41 and the mother of twins, she looks terrific. Mariah’s weight has fluctuated […]

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Has Dr. Oz Gone Mad?

The other day I happened to be flipping through TV channels and came upon The Dr Oz Show. For the most part, I like Dr. Oz – I think he’s hip, current and above all he explains things to people in ways that are easily understandable. BUT I will tell you that this particular episode left […]

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