Bulu Box Review (Update: 2020) The Health and Weight Loss Box!

Bulu Box

Updated: ​April, 20​20

Would you like to shed a few pounds or are you looking to live an overall healthier lifestyle?

Do you enjoy learning about nutritional supplements that can help you achieve those goals?

​How ​would you feel ​receiving awesome boxes, stuffed with suprise goodies, every month in the mail?​

Well, there's definitely a Bulu Box for you!

What is Bulu Box?​

​There are TONS of monthly subscription boxes out there but none are quite like this...

Bulu Box is the first health and weight loss subsciption box of it's kind.

​Each month, the guys and gals at Bulu Box will put together a custom "discovery" box containing 4 to 5 premium vitamins, powders and other exciting supplement samples for you to try!

The great thing about these samples is that​ they're often sufficient sizes, sufficient enough for you to decide whether or not you like the supplement enough to add it to your daily routine.

How Does it Work?​

Everyone's goal is just a little different.

With this in mind, Bulu Box offers two different types of boxes: the original box and the weight loss box.

  • Bulu Box Original: This box offers a wider range of supplement samples including vitamins, sleep aids and healthy snacks
  • Bulu Box Weight Loss: This box was designed specifically with weight loss in mind. You can expect to see samples of premium weight loss supplements like fat burners, appetite suppressants, energy aids, and more.

​Customizing Your Bulu Box!

I'd have to say that one of the best things about Bulu Box is that you get to somewhat "customize" what your box contains each month.

After you choose whether you want to receive the Original Box or the Weight Loss Box, Bulu will also allow you to choose from a variety of different options/categories of what kind of items that you'd be most interested in receiving in your box; fat burners, vitamins, vegan options, etc.

How Much Does Bulu Box Cost?

Bulu Box offers a handful of different subscription options with a chance to save a little money if you decide to commit to a full year subscription.

Personally, I'd go with the month-to-month option rather than the 12 month subscription because you're only saving 83 cents a box.

Don't worry, you can always update your subscription preference as you go.

Limited Time Diet Happier Offer

Now receive your Bulu Box for only $​7.99/month instead of $10/month!

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Bulu Box

Bulu Box

The Good

Samples from big brands

Free shipping

Earn points towards free products

Multiple opportunities to earn extra points

Customized boxes to your profile

2 box types: Original/Weight loss

Cancel or pause at anytime

The Bad

Samples not always sufficient sizes

May not always like what you receive

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