Lose Up to 10 Pounds in 3 Days With The 3 Day Military Diet

3 day military diet

When people hear the words “​Military Diet” they presume that anything involved will be rigorous, complicated, and even painful.​

However, to their pleasant surprise, the 3 Day Military ​Diet proves to be easy to follow, simple, and a successful way to lose weight in a short amount of time. In fact, when you consider just what the ​Military ​Diet plan​ is, you may realize that this weight loss regimen is more beneficial than your everyday diet and that it does not deprive you of any nutritional components you need for good health.​

The ​Military ​Diet has been around for decades now, although several theories abound regarding its name.​

Some people say that this diet mimics that eaten by soldiers in the Army. Others say that it is aptly named because the menu is so regimented. Others argue that you must be disciplined and focused like the military to remain committed to the diet.​

Regardless of how its name came to be, ​the 3 Day Military Diet stands out as one of the few proven ways to lose weight in a short amount of time.

You also must avoid certain ingredients so as not to compromise your success. After you have dieted the three required days, you can go back to your normal eating habits.

When you are on t​he 3 Day Military Diet, you should feel relatively satisfied and see improvements in your weight almost immediately.

Unlike other diets, you only have to adhere to this one a few days a week rather than for days on end. In fact, it calls for you to abstain from the way you normally eat for three days a week.

The 3 Day Military Diet plan calls for you to diet for three days in a row and then resume your normal eating for the next four days​.

During the ​3 days that you are dieting, you are not left to your own devices when it comes to deciding what foods to eat​. You must follow a specific menu and eat regulated amounts of food in order to lose weight.​

Indeed, th​e Military Diet offers you a carefully constructed menu with each meal being well planned out for the entire three days. You must eat the precise foods listed, although some substitutions are allowed, if you want to lose up to 10 pounds ​in 3 days or so.

Th​e 3 Day Military Diet has not gone unnoticed without its fair share of criticism, however.​

Critics argue that the ​Military Diet lacks the required nutrients and minerals people need to stay healthy while losing weight.​

Moreover, they say it could cause you to develop gall and kidney stones. Others say that you are only losing water weight because you are cutting out sodas, juices, and other popular drinks.​

Even so, studies have shown that this diet is effective in helping people lose up to 10 pounds ​in 3 days.​

People who want to lose weight for a wedding, swimsuit season, or even to go through surgery may find success when they go on this diet.

What Is The 3 Day Military Diet Plan?

​When pondering just what is the 3 ​Day Military ​Diet, you should remember that this dietary process does not proceed like other diets. Unlike other weight loss regimens, which call for you to abstain from your normal eating habits and instead eat restricted amounts of food until you lose weight, this one only requires that you limit your intake for three days a week.​

You do not have to stay on the ​Military Diet for countless days and weeks until you shed pounds. Rather, you follow it for three days a week and then go back to your normal diet. You continue this process until you are at the weight you desire.

It also calls for you to consume simple foods and beverages without special preparation processes or having to buy equipment like a blender or a scale.​

Instead, the menu includes simple selections like a half of grapefruit or two tablespoons of peanut butter. You eat the food in its natural form without having to mix it together, blend it, bake it, or otherwise spend a lot of time preparing it.

Finally, the food that you eat on ​the 3 Day Military Diet is very affordable and readily available in any grocery store. You avoid having to buy special ingredients like whey powder or fresh herbs to lose weight with it.​

Most of the items on the menu can be purchased for less than a dollar apiece. Most are also in season and fresh throughout the year.​

Ironically, proponents of the 3 Day Military Diet report that this 3 Day Diet is more affordable than a person’s regular eating habits. You can lose weight without having to break your budget as you might if you tried other weight loss processes.

What To Eat On The 3 Day Military Diet?

The 3 Day Military Diet requires that you eat specific foods that are chemically designed to work together to help you lose weight.​

The menu is arranged to include the perfect combinations of these foods so that you lose the most weight possible during ​the 3 days of dieting without feeling deprived or without losing nutrients and minerals you need to stay healthy.​

It is important that you follow th​e 3 Day Diet precisely, only substituting food that is approved for this menu. It is also vital that you avoid extra ingredients like condiments, sugar, and excessive caffeine.

Each day of the Military Diet varies with its menu.​

The first day, you eat slightly more than on the second and third days. It also may seem like you eat more fruits or vegetables some days than others.

These combinations may seem illogical at first; however, they are intended to ease your body into the diet process each week while helping you stave off cravings. After you diet those three days, you can then go back to eating meals like normal.

While you are on th​e 3 ​Day ​Military ​Diet, you can drink coffee and tea. People who consume caffeine regularly may find it difficult to wean themselves off coffee, soda, and tea.​

However, black coffee only has five calories in it. You can drink a cup of black coffee in the morning without compromising your diet.​

If you do not drink coffee, you can substitute the cup of coffee required on the first day with a cup of green tea. You should avoid using any kind of sweetener, such as sugar and honey, in your drinks. The only approved substitute for the diet is Stevia, which is a sugar substitute that is safe for diabetics to use.

Why Does The 3 Day Military Diet Work?

Several theories abound as to why the 3 ​Day ​Military ​Diet works. Arguably, ​the diet works because you are reducing the amount of food you eat, thus also reducing the number of calories you take in each day.​

Modern diets are full of calories and fat, so many that most people are unaware how much fat and calories they really consume each day.​

Favorites like fast food burgers, ice cream, chips, and other popular food items today are so loaded in excess calories that it is little wonder that people are gaining weight faster than ever.

However, the ​Military ​Diet forces you to halt this excessive consumption and instead eat foods that are good for you, high in nutrients, but low in calories and fat.​

As you reduce your food intake, you naturally are going to lose weight. It also removes beverages that cause people to lose weight, such as sweet tea, soda, and fruit juices. These drinks are laden with sugar and calories.​

On th​e 3 Day Military Diet, you can drink unsweetened tea and black coffee, in addition to as much water as you want. The water helps flush out calories and fat from your body. Even more, because you are not drinking soda, sweet tea, and juice you also are going to shed weight during the three days you are on t​he Military Diet.

However, critics of this 3 Day Diet argue that th​e is not sustainable and that it cannot achieve permanent results. They argue that as soon as you go back to your normal dietary habits on the fourth through the seventh day of the week that you will regain any weight you have lost.​

Still, advocates of this diet argue that it could teach you how to eat healthier and include menu selections like cottage cheese and fruit to your normal diet as well. They also argue that th​e 3 Day Diet can help you overcome addictions to caffeine, sugar, and other foods that are good for you.

What Does The Military Diet Do?

When you select a diet to use to lose weight, it is important that you understand what it does and how it will benefit your overall health.​ These questions particularly hold true for people who want to go on the 3 Day Military Diet.​

As you consider t​he 3 Day Military Diet plan, you may quickly come to realize that it differs greatly from other weight loss fads on the market today. Rather, this​ 3 Day Diet plan is structured as a legitimate dietary alteration like those recommended by professional nutritionists to their clients. The dietary changes in this diet allow you to lose weight quickly, yet in a safe and healthy manner.

Th​e 3 Day Military Diet plan is safe because it does not deprive you of calories or nutrients you need to stay healthy during the three days you are dieting each week.

Each meal contains a sufficient amount of calories, vitamins, and minerals needed to keep your body’s systems functioning normally. Other diet fads require that you substitute entire meals with a single drink mix or a weight loss shake.​

However, the Military ​Diet requires that you eat three meals a day and stay well-nourished during the time that you are reducing your caloric intake.

T​he Military Diet plan puts nutrients into your daily diet that you may have omitted because of your hectic schedule. For example, you may not have eaten enough dairy or protein before, but can now look forward to adding these important nutrients to your diet with this weight loss process.​

Along with losing weight, you may notice that you feel better and have more energy because of the additional nutrients.

Why Is It Called The 3 Day Military Diet?

No definitive answer has been provided for why this weight loss plan is called the 3 Day Military Diet. In fact, some dietary trend watchers say that it gets its name from the specific, regimented menu that people are required to follow.​

They must follow the order of the diet, much as they would follow the orders of a drill sergeant in the Army, while they are trying to lose weight with this plan.

Others say that it gets its name because of its military-like menu selections.​

It used to be that military rations were sparse, particularly when the soldiers were in the field. They lacked processed foods and instead had to eat fresh fruits and vegetables that they could bring along with them or claim from farmers’ fields.​

The ​3 Day Military Diet menu does in fact contain a healthy amount of fresh fruits and vegetables and no processed food, other than cheddar cheese. In that regard, it does resemble the spartan meals of the military.

A number of other proponents say that the diet requires that you have the willpower and fortitude to follow it until you lose your desired amount of weight.​

They theorize that you must avoid temptation and have the foresight to keep your goal in mind, much like a soldier would in battle. As such, this diet takes on a military-like nature because it can be so drastic from your everyday dietary habits and your everyday lifestyle.​

When you go on this diet, it can take on the feeling that you are enrolling in a dietary boot camp.

Who Created The 3 Day Military Diet?

As popular as th​e 3 Day Military Diet is, no one knows who created it.​

No one has come forward to attach his or her name or that of one’s family to it. In fact, military experts say that this ​3 Day Diet is not one that is followed in any one of the armed services.

Enlisted recruits follow a different diet plan when they have to lose weight.​

Still, it has been suggested that this diet came about purely by accident after dieters experimented with and changed various ways to lose weight.​

These changes were then passed around among friends and acquaintances until it landed into public awareness.

Doctors are also aware of th​e 3 Day Military Diet and only occasionally recommend it to patients.

Even so, they grudgingly admit that the diet does work, at least on a short term basis.​

People who want to lose weight quickly to go on vacation, be in a wedding party, fit into a bathing suit, and other reasons achieve their weight loss goals when they use this plan.​

However, doctors urge some people to avoid the Military Diet if they have health concerns, such as gall bladder or kidney disease.​

Th​e 3 Day Military Diet plan, with its high amount of protein, could cause people to develop stones.

Pregnant women, nursing mothers, and people under age 16 should not go on this diet.​

Women who are pregnant or nursing must maintain high caloric values each day to sustain their health and that of their babies.​

Teenagers are still growing and need calories for good health as well.​

However, adults in good health who want to lose weight may find the level of success they desire when they use this ​Military ​Diet. It is affordable and relatively easy to follow.

3 Day Military Diet Menu

When people contemplate going on a diet, they often believe that they will have to stop eating certain kinds of food or buy special ingredients or prepared meals that will cost them a lot of money.​

They fear that they will have to learn a new method of preparing food in order to lose weight.

However, the ​Military ​Diet does not require that you take extra efforts in your food prep or even really require that you go out and buy food that is not already on your grocery list.​

Rather, you may find that you have everything you need to go on this diet successfully.

The ​3 Day Military Diet plan proves to be simple to prepare and follow.

The ​Military Diet menu varies with each day of the diet. For example, the breakfast menu for the first day calls for a half of a grapefruit, one slice of toast, two tablespoons of peanut butter, and one cup of coffee or tea with no sweetener or cream.​

Sugar replacements like Stevia can be used in the coffee or tea, however.​

The toast should not be spread with butter or margarine. Withholding condiments and sweeteners may seem harsh at first.​

However, even the smallest amount of these extras can add calories and make it harder for you to lose weight.​

Within a few days, your palate should adjust to eating plain foods and drinking unsweetened beverages.

The second day’s breakfast calls for five saltine crackers, one slice of cheddar cheese, and a small apple.​

The variations in each day’s menu for each meal are designed to provide you with the nutrients you need without making you feel overly hungry or deprived.​

They also take away extra calories that have caused you to gain weight in the past​.

As witnessed in the menu, you do not need to learn any special food preparation tricks or buy special pots, pans, and utensils.​

Most of the food is eaten either fresh or prepared in simple ways such as boiling or toasting.​

The 3 Day Diet menu does require that you avoid consuming condiments like mayonnaise or ketchup. It also requires that you avoid drinking caffeine or sweeteners, except for those like Stevia.

The List For 3 Day Military Diet MenuThe 3 ​Day​ Military ​Diet has a menu that contains specific, but very common grocery items.​

You may already have most of the food items on hand in your refrigerator or pantry. As you prepare to go on th​e ​Military Diet, it may help you to have a list of what you need to have on hand before you start the first day.

To start, you need to make sure you have the right beverages on hand. While you can drink as much water as you want, you cannot drink beverages like soda, juice, or sweetened drinks. Instead, the list calls for you to have regular coffee or tea on hand.

The next items on your list would the fresh fruits and vegetables.​

The 3 Day Military Diet requires that you eat grapefruit, bananas, apples, green beans, broccoli, and carrots.​If you do not already have these fresh ingredients on hand, you should buy them and store them in your refrigerator. This produce does not cost a lot and can be very affordable even if they are not in season.

The remaining items on your list take care of your whole grains and protein.​

You will need to make sure you have whole wheat bread, peanut butter, eggs, three cans of tuna, hot dogs, your choice of a small cut of meat, saltine crackers, cottage cheese, cheddar cheese, and vanilla ice cream.​ The foods do not have to be low in fat or sodium free.​ You can use standard versions of these products.​

However, as you notice, they contain the vitamins and minerals you need each day to stay healthy and energized while losing weight.​

They also are readily available at any grocery store and very low in cost, which is another advantage that comes with this diet. In fact, this 3 Day Diet proves to be more affordable and easier to follow than those advertised on TV and the Internet.

What Can You Drink On The Military Diet?

If you follow the ​Military ​Diet’s menu precisely, you will have all of the calories, fat, minerals, vitamins, and proteins you need to stay healthy and lose up to 10 pounds ​in 3 days or so.​

If you look at the menu, however, you may notice that it does not allow for any beverages except for black coffee or tea on Day One.​

The reasoning behind excluding extra beverages is intended to help keep you on track with your weight loss without you being sabotaged by the calories and sugars found in most beverages today.​

Fruit juice, soda, and even milk contain calories, sugar, and fat that could undermine your weight loss efforts.

You also should not drink alcoholic beverages during the three days you are dieting each week. Beer notoriously contains sugar and calories, as do wine and wine coolers. Even whiskey has sugar in it that is not good for you during this diet.​

If you want to drink, you should wait until you reach the four days of dieting downtime. During the three days you are on the ​Military Diet, you should follow the menu exactly, drinking the coffee or tea on the first day and then drinking as much water as you wish.

Water actually can be one of your greatest allies during this diet.​

First, it makes you feel fuller so that you do not want to snack or cheat on your weight loss plan.

Second, water keeps you hydrated, something that is vitally important when you are losing weight.​

Proper hydration allows your body’s digestive system to work correctly and flush out the fat and calories your body does not need for good health or energy.

Can You Drink On The Military Diet?

You may like many people and enjoy having a cold beer or a glass of wine or two in the evening or on the weekends. However, when you are on the ​Military ​Diet to lose weight, you may have to abstain from drinking until you reach your weight loss goal.​

The 3 Day Military Diet is carefully regimented and requires that you follow the menu precisely, particularly if you want to reach the maximum weight loss goal of 10 pounds ​in 3 days. If you drink, you could add calories that could compromise your success.

Alcoholic drinks, even light beers, have a significant amount of calories in them. Despite these drinks making you go to the bathroom more often, you are unable to easily get rid of the calories they add to your diet. Rather than jeopardize your 3 ​Day ​Military ​Diet, you should avoid drinking alcohol until you have lost all of your unwanted weight. You can however, drink​ as much water as you want.​

The ​Military Diet menu actually calls for you to drink two cups of coffee or tea on Day One of the diet. In addition to these cups of coffee or tea, you can drink as much water as desired. Anything else like soda, sweetened tea, fruit juice, and even beer or wine can cause to gain weight instead of losing it.

3 Day Military Diet Substitutes

The 3 Day Military Diet has a carefully constructed menu that is designed for the fastest and most successful weight loss.​

The foods included on the menu work together and feature similar chemical structures that help your body burn the fat and calories that would otherwise cause you to retain your unwanted pounds.​

However, sometimes it is necessary for people to substitute foods on the menu. The reasons for the substitutions could range from your being allergic to a certain menu item to a food not agreeing with medication you are taking.

Whatever the reason, you should know what foods can be used as valid substitutions and what ones should be avoided while on the Military Diet.​

Despite some foods being similar to those on the menu, they may cause adverse effects or even cause you to fail entirely in your weight loss efforts.​

Fortunately, th​e 3 Day Military Diet comes with a list of agreeable substitutions that can be used to help you lose pounds. These substitutions are valid for all three meals, depending on what food they are meant to take the place of those three dieting days.

The substitutions, like the other dietary components, are also affordable and readily available. Most are probably in your refrigerator or pantry right now.​

The substitutions do not require that you shop at specialty stores or eat foods that you may find unpalatable. By substituting these foods in place of those on the menu, you can continue your weight loss journey uninterrupted and without spending a lot of money.

Ice Cream Substitutes For ​The 3 Day Military Diet

One of the foods on the 3 Day Military Diet menu that you may want to replace is the vanilla ice cream, which is included on all three days of the diet.​

If you are allergic to milk, lactose intolerant, or just do not like vanilla or ice cream, you may wonder what other foods you can substitute in this item’s place.​

Fortunately, a number of options are available to you. These options work with the other foods on the menu without adding extra calories to your diet.

If you are not allergic to dairy and not lactose intolerant, you could substitute the ice cream with frozen yogurt or fruit yogurt. Both options contain the dairy and Vitamin D you would need for good health.​

However, they are also low in calories and structured similarly to ice cream. They are also both sweet in flavor and could help you avoid craving sweet treats like cookies or cake.

If you are allergic to milk or cannot digest lactose, you can still get a sweet treat on your diet by substituting with apple sauce.​

Apple sauce in its purest form contains no sugar and has a natural sweetness to it. It also has few calories and is chemically structured in a way that is compatible with other foods on the menu.​

Further, apple sauce is very affordable. You can buy a big jar of apple sauce for less than two or three dollars in many stores. A little bit of apple sauce also goes a long way in filling your stomach.

3 Day Military Diet Substitutes For Grapefruit

Grapefruits are packed with Vitamin C and a juicy treat for many people. As nutritious as this fruit may be, however, it can interact adversely with your medication.​

Some of the medications that could be impacted for the worse by grapefruit include antibiotics, those medicines taken for heart disease or high blood pressure, and antihistamines.​

You cannot go off your medicines without negatively impacting your health. Rather than jeopardize your health or your diet, you can substitute grapefruit with these options.

Many people would assume that you could just as easily use an orange in place of a grapefruit. However, an orange actually can jeopardize your weight loss efforts.​

Instead, you should use bicarbonate of soda in place of a grapefruit half on ​the Military Diet.​

As odd as it may sound, baking soda has similar chemical structure to a grapefruit. You can add two teaspoons of baking soda to about six ounces of water to create a beverage that will react similarly with the other menu items for that meal.

Despite not being able to use fresh oranges, you could use mandarin oranges for a grapefruit substitute.​

Mandarin oranges are different than their standards counterparts in size, taste, and chemical structure. Eating either fresh or canned mandarin oranges can take the place of a half of a grapefruit at breakfast during this diet.

Tuna Substitutes For 3 Day Military Diet

People often want to substitute tuna in favor of other proteins for various reasons.​

Some of the reasons include the fact that tuna has a strong taste and smell, which some people may be unable to tolerate. Other people may be vegan or vegetarians and thus want to eat other proteins in tuna’s place. You can eliminate tuna from your diet’s menu by including these substitutions.

If you are not a vegan or vegetarian, you could instead eat chicken or turkey. Chicken and turkey are actually very similar to tuna in protein content. All three proteins are considered to be white meat and compatible with ​the 3 Day Military Diet weight loss plan.​

If you are a vegetarian or a vegan, you may use tofu in your menu. Tofu provides you with a similar amount of protein and also interacts the same with the other menu items to help you lose weight.

Tofu also has an unappetizing appearance that can distract people from losing weight.​

The solution to this dilemma may call for you to eat nuts like almonds and peanuts in place of tuna.​

Nuts contain impressive amounts of protein, something about which many people are unaware. By adding a handful of nuts to your three-day menu, you stay on track with the​ Military ​Diet and can anticipate losing up to 10 pounds ​in 3 days.​

Despite ​the 3 Day Military Diet having a very regimented menu, sometimes you need to substitute foods for others. These dietary options are available to you.

Can You Chew Gum On The Military Diet?

Because the ​3 Day Military Diet has such a carefully regimented menu plan, eating even the simplest and seemingly least harmful things that are not on the menu could throw off your weight loss. These things include chewing gum.​

Chewing gum that is not sugar-free and calorie-free adds sugar and calories to your diet. Even the smallest addition of calories can cause you to lose less weight than you desire and force you to stay on the diet for longer than you had planned.

If you must chew gum, you should make sure that it is free from sugar and calories. The varieties of gum that dentists recommend are agreeable with th​e Military Diet.​

In fact, the sugar and calorie-free varieties could help you avoid cravings for sweets or more food.​
Chewing one or two pieces a day during the three days of dieting each week would be okay if you are chewing types that meet this requirement.

Chewing sugar-free and calorie-free gum while on the 3 Day Diet could also help you keep your focus on your weight loss goal.​

Many dieters fall off their diets when they feel like they are being deprived and desperately want to indulge in old favorites like cake or candy. Chewing sugar and calorie-free gum that you like and have chewed before can help you stay focused and feel less like you are dieting.

More 3 Days Military Diet Menu Substitutions

For various reasons, you may need to make substitutions in your menu.​

You may not like the way one of the menu items taste, you may be allergic, or you may not be able to eat or drink it because of medication you are taking. Whatever the reason, you can still go on the Military Diet successfully because you can make substitutions as needed.​

It is important to know, however, what items to substitute for the foods you are omitting. You also show know in what amounts these substitutions can be made.

For example, many people believe that you can substitute grapefruit with oranges. After all, they are both citrus fruits and look the same.​

However, oranges can achieve the opposite effects for which the grapefruit is an important part of this diet.​

Oranges contain a lot of water and are overly sweet, which could tempt you to cheat during the course of the three days.​

Instead of omitting grapefruit entirely, you can substitute two teaspoons of baking soda in water. This soda mixture will accomplish the same weight loss results as grapefruit. The mixture will be bitter, however, and may seem difficult to drink.​

It is important that you avoid putting any sweeteners in it like sugar or honey if you want to lose weight effectively.

Further, people are often adverse from tuna because of appearance and aroma.​

You can substitute cottage cheese, tofu, almonds, or peanuts for tuna without compromising your diet. These substitutions have the same number of calories and protein. ​Papaya, apricots, plums, grapes, squash, parsnips, radishes, bell peppers, and cauliflower. These items all contain similar caloric values and nutrient levels.​

You can continue on with your diet knowing that you are not adding extra calories or fat to the process.

As noted, the foods on the menu contain all the important nutrients like Vitamin D, calcium, protein, Vitamin C, and iron.​

Many are also sweet so that you avoid craving temptations like candy or cake. ​

Th​e 3 Day Military Diet is relatively safe for everyone to follow, with some notable exceptions. As with any weight loss plan, teenagers and pregnant or nursing women are advised to wait to begin the Military Diet.​

Other people who perhaps would do well to wait include those who have kidney or gall bladder conditions​.

However, healthy adults who want to lose weight quickly may find the success they want when they embark on this weight loss plan. This 3 ​day ​diet could be ideal for someone who needs to drop weight for a wedding, to fit into a formal outfit, or to go through a medical procedure.

What To Eat After The Military Diet?

The 3 Day Military Diet follows a carefully planned menu​.

If you follow this menu precisely, you should lose up to 10 pounds per week without any problem. However, people who decide to make their own substitutions to the menu often experience failure and actually risk gaining weight instead of losing it.

In fact, you cannot simply add things to the menu and expect to get the same results. For example, some people make the mistake of substituting grapefruit with oranges.​

Oranges actually contain copious amounts of water and natural sugar. It also lacks the acidic content needed to promote weight loss.​

As such, it is essential that you keep the grapefruit in your menu or substitute it with approved selections, such as mandarin oranges or a bicarbonate of soda.

People think that they can substitute vanilla ice cream with chocolate ice cream or ice cream of another flavor. Again, they fail to realize that the vanilla ice cream has the ideal caloric value for this diet and lacks extra calories found in chocolate, fruits, and other flavorings.​

When people fail to consult the approved substitution list, they undermine their own efforts to lose weight effectively.​

Fortunately, a substitution list for this diet exists and should be consulted if you need to make adjustments because of allergies, dietary restrictions like those found with veganism, or religious reasons.​

You can still lose weight and eat according to the menu by using this substitution list.

Why Hot Dogs On The Military Diet?

When you first glance at the menu for the ​3 Day Military Diet, you may wonder why hot dogs are included for the second day’s dinner.​

In fact, you may not have eaten hot dogs since your childhood and do not consider them to be a part of your normal diet now.​

However, hot dogs are included on the military diet menu for a couple of important reasons. Once you understand the reasoning for their placement, you can decide whether or not to keep them or replace them with a suitable alternative.

First, hot dogs are required for the menu because they contain the required amount of protein and calories for the second day’s dinner combination. Combined with the servings of broccoli, carrots, the half of a banana, and the cup of vanilla ice cream, they provide you with enough fat, calories, iron, and nutrients you need to feel nourished after this meal.​

​Hot dogs are also easy to prepare, another important aspect of this diet. To help you avoid feeling deprived, this menu features foods that are fast and easy to prepare so that you can eat your meals right away.

However, it is true that many brands of hot dogs today contain preservatives that you may not want to eat. You can substitute standard hot dogs with those made entirely from beef, turkey, chicken, or even tofu.​

If you are a vegan or vegetarian, you can also substitute with beans and lentils so that you get the required amount of proteins and iron required for this second day dinner.

Why No Coffee On the Military Diet?

Aside from the two cups of black coffee required for the first day’s breakfast and lunch, you may wonder why you cannot have coffee on any of the other two days of the diet.​

The menu for the diet is carefully constructed so that each calorie is well planned for you in advance. Even a small addition like a few cups of coffee at breakfast can throw off your calorie count and stall your weight loss.​

Even so, a black cup of coffee itself only contains five calories. If you truly need a cup of coffee several times a day during the three days of dieting, you can include them and reduce your serving sizes of other foods on the menu.

For example, as you may have noticed you are allowed to eat a cup of vanilla ice cream several times throughout the three days.​

If you would prefer coffee in favor of ice cream, you can keep your coffee and reduce the serving size of your ice cream to a half of a cup.

Likewise, you can reduce the serving of cottage cheese to a half cup if you need to drink a few cups of coffee that day.

Many people rely on the caffeine in coffee to wake them up and help them avoid caffeine headaches.​

If you are addicted to caffeine and are not ready to break your coffee-drinking habit, you can make these alterations in the menu. You should not, however, add anything to your coffee like sugar, milk, or creamer because of the extra calories these additions bring to your diet.

How Many Calories In The Military Diet?

The ​Military ​Diet menu carefully counts each calorie for you so that you do not have to take on this additional task yourself.​

You can focus on losing weight by simply following the menu as it has been planned for you. Even so, you may wonder precisely how many calories you are eating each day, especially if you have questions about this diet’s safety and health benefits.​

As you will find out, the menu contains just enough calories each day to keep you nourished and safe while you lose up to 10 pounds​ in 3 days.

The first day’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner comprise a total of 1400 calories.​

The foods with the highest calorie counts on that day’s menu include the vanilla ice cream, the lean meat, and the peanut butter with each one containing 300 calories apiece.​

The second day’s menu contains slightly fewer calories, with 1200 being the total for that day. The highest caloric foods on that day’s menu are the hot dogs, the ice cream, and the cottage cheese.

The last day of the diet contains 1100 calories.​ As you see, each day of the diet slightly lowers your calorie counts so that you lose weight effectively, yet safely.​

Despite the lower calorie counts each day, you are still eating foods that contains nutrients like Vitamin C, calcium, iron, and protein.

With the calories counted out for you, it is also important that you only use approved substitutions if you need to omit foods from the original menu for this diet.

Is The Military Diet Plan Safe?

One of the notable perks with the military diet plan is that it does not require you to take any supplements or medications.​ It is a simple alteration of your diet.​

All of the foods on the ​3 Day Military Diet's menu are sold in grocery stores, safe for most people to eat, and highly regulated by the companies that harvest or make them.​

Even so, this diet plan may need to be approached with caution by some people.​

The most notable exemption includes pregnant women or women who are nursing. These individuals need to consume large amounts of calories each day to support their pregnancies or to lactate.​

Because th​e 3 Day Diet's restricts caloric intake, these women may do well to wait until they have delivered or have weaned their babies.

Another group that should use caution would be teenagers and children. Children and teens are still growing. Their bodies’ systems rely on them getting enough calories, fat, and other nutrients each day. If they go on this kind of diet, they may deprive their bodies of food that they require for good growth and health.​

As such, children and teens are advised to wait until they are older to begin this diet if needed.

Finally, people who have kidney or gall bladder conditions are advised to hold off starting this diet until their health improves.​

The high amounts of protein in the diet could cause these individuals to develop kidney or gall stones. Gall and kidney stones are painful and sometimes require surgery. Before these individuals start this diet, they should get the approval from their doctor. Aside from these groups of people, the ​Military ​Diet is safe and effective.​

The foods are nutritious and proven to be safe to consume.

Does The 3 Day Military Diet Meal Plan Work?

Many people who are unfamiliar with th​e 3 Day Military Diet often wonder if this weight loss plan actually works. 

Not only does​ the Military Diet work, but it has been scientifically proven to help people lose weight faster than most other diet plans on the market.​

The entire process involves changing your diet and eating foods that are carefully grouped together over the course of three days. These combinations allow the nutritional components like the vitamins, minerals, and acids to help you lose weight faster.

However, some debate remains about whether or not t​he 3 Day Military Diet can help people lose weight permanently.​

Some critics argue that while people can lose 10 pounds ​in ​3 day​s, they are unable to keep the weight off for long periods of time.​

It is true that people who lapse back into their old dietary habits after reaching their weight loss goals often regain the weight that they worked so hard to lose. This is true with any diet, however.​

People who go on the ​3 Day Military ​Diett and lose weight can keep it off by avoiding the behaviors that caused them to gain weight in the first place.

Fans of th​e 3 Day Military Diet argue that the 3 day diet plan does more than help you lose weight. It teaches you a new way of planning your menus and eating foods that are low in fat and calories, yet high in nutritional benefits.​

Even more, they say that this diet is inexpensive and able to be used by people on any budget. Most people stay on this diet for up to 10 weeks at a time. During that time, they lose their taste for soda, starches, and other fatty, high-calorie foods that cause you to put on pounds.​

Instead, they develop a palate for low-fat proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, and whole grains that are good for you and do not cause weight gain if eaten in moderation.​

After they go off the diet, many people find that they can maintain a healthy way of eating everyday, not just three days a week.​

These are the people who keep the weight off and show that the Military Diet can work quite well.

3 Day Military Diet Results

People who want to start a diet program often gauge which one would work best for them by what kinds of results other people gain from a plan.​

They want to know that statistically the plan they choose will help them lose weight quickly and effectively. As such, anyone thinking about the ​3 Day Military ​Diet for losing weight may be specifically interested in ​results.​

The results may at first seem varied. However, with closer scrutiny people can discover that th​e 3 Day Diet works quite well for people who follow it precisely and take care with their diets after they finish this plan.

Any diet will have varied results simply because many novice dieters are unsure of how to carry out their particular weight loss plan.​

People who are familiar with the ​Military ​Diet know that they must diet and follow a carefully regimented menu for three days a week while eating sensible meals during the four days of normal eating that comes with this plan.​

Individuals who have done their research and taken the time to understand fully how this diet works will reasonably have better results with their long-term weight loss.

It is the people who use th​e 3 Day Military Diet plan for 10 weeks or so and then go off of it, only to return to indulgent eating habits that garner this diet unfavorable results​.

Common sense dictates that anyone who goes on this kind of diet learn how to eat better and avoid fatty, high-calories foods.​

People who go back to eating cheeseburgers, pizza, cake, candy, pop, and other sugar and fat-laden foods of course will gain back the weight they have lost. However, their results should not unfairly reflect on this 3 Day Diet plan.​

Anyone who uses this 3 Day Diet plan should go into it with the understanding that they must change their eating habits after they have lost their desired amount of weight.​

Their weight loss accomplishments are those that should be reviewed when considering the results of this diet.

3 Day Military Diet Before Pictures

While considering results, many people looking for a diet plan will also do research online and look at before pictures for the plan in which they are interested. They want to see what fellow dieters looked like before they themselves started the weight loss program.​

The before pictures predictably will show people in various states of being overweight. These people may be obese or just plump enough that they need to lose a few pounds.​

Regardless, people looking for a diet plan may take an odd amount of consolation in these before pictures because it shows other dieters have sought out this plan for the same weight loss purpose.

The pictures may also give people confidence they need to start the diet in sincerity. As with joining a gym, people may be afraid that others look better than they do and are more capable of following through with the diet than they are.​

They need direct proof that other people were in the same stages of being overweight as they are now.​

Curiously, people make these before pictures widely available on the Internet. They post the pictures on blogs and on social media, among other virtual places. As such, these photos are not very difficult to find.

These photos also may be used as a point of reference in people’s battle to lose weight.​

They want to know that they are making progress and that others have followed the same path to shedding pounds as they are following now.​

Losing weight can be such an emotional journey for anyone that they need some sort of visual confirmation that the plan they are choosing will work. The before pictures provide the proof they need that this ​3 Day Military Diet can be for everyone, especially those who want to know that this plan can help them shed the weight quickly and effectively.

3 Day Military Diet After Pictures Results

Along with before pictures, would-be dieters often search out after pictures for the 3 ​Day ​Military ​Diet. They want to know that people have lost weight and actually achieved their own goals of looking and feeling better.​

As stated, losing weight can be an emotional journey. People are unsure if they have what it takes to go through a course of several weeks, changing their diets, and finding the willpower not to backslide. They fear that they are not good enough to lose weight or that something is wrong with their bodies that the plan will not work.

However, seeing people in after photos could instill the level of confidence that people need to at least try the plan.​

Many people can envision themselves thinner; however, when they look in the mirror their visions are met by the abrupt reality of their weight gain. By looking at other people’s after pictures, their reality can start to change to match that of the vision they have of themselves at the weight they desire. When they cannot find confidence in themselves, they can find confidence in the after pictures of this 3 Day Diet plan.

Like the before pictures, the after picture are also easy to find on the Internet. People are so proud of their weight loss that they gladly post their pictures to blogs, social media, and elsewhere on the web.​

Many times, all people have to do is search for after pictures to receive dozens or hundreds of results. With such visual proof that the diet works, it may be difficult for people to put off the inevitable and begin their own ​Military ​Diet plan.​

However, the difficulty actually may be a blessing for people who have been waiting for the proof they need to start the journey for themselves. As they progress with the plan, finding it easier and easier with each passing day to abide by, people should soon see the results they have been expecting.​

They may also anticipate putting their own before and after pictures on the Internet to prove the ​Military ​Diet results to other hopeful dieters.

3 Day Military Diet Reviews

People who are looking for proof to back up their diet plans often turn to the Internet for help. They want to know that information like that for the 3 ​Day ​Military ​Diet reviews will determine that they are on the right path to losing weight.​

In fact, the reviews for the 3 ​Day ​Military ​Diet are overwhelmingly positive and can be found on a variety of sites. These reviews show that people are getting the results they want and expect and that they recommend this plan to other weight loss hopefuls.

If you are one to research these reviews, you will find that many go into detail about how easy the plan was to follow. Unlike many other mainstream diets, the ​Military Diet does not require that you spend a lot of money on powders, mixes, tablets, blenders, and other items.​

Everything you need to follow this plan can be found either in your kitchen or at your local grocery store. Further, most of the food that goes into this weight loss menu are things you probably eat all the time. You do not have to try out new foods or stomach things that you do not like to eat.

The reviews also may point out that the diet is affordable. Many people today do not have a lot of money to spend on expensive diets, such as those that require you to buy pre-made entrees. Rather, the food required for this plan’s menu often can be purchased for less than a dollar per item at your store.​

When you read these reviews, you may take heart in knowing that this plan can help you lose weight without having to invest a lot of money, try unsavory foods, or invest in equipment and supplements that you will only use for a short time. You can gain confidence that everything you need to start losing weight is already available or easily accessible.

3 Day Military Diet Doctor Reviews

The online reviews for ​the 3 Day Military Diet are overwhelmingly positive from people who have actually used it to lose weight. However, you may want to know specifically what your doctor thinks of ​this 3 Day Diet.​

Many people believe that doctors are reluctant to promote any dietary product or medicinal process that does not somehow directly benefit them. Yet doctors have gone on record as saying that this diet could very well work if people follow it correctly and make sincere attempts to change their diet after they lose weight.

One point of contention between users of th​e Military Diet and doctors centers on what people should avoid it. For example, women who recently have given birth are often eager to drop weight.​

However, doctors urge that postpartum women should time their dieting with care so that they avoid compromising their health and find themselves unable to take care of their babies. Even more, women who are nursing are urged by doctors to avoid this doctor simply because nursing women’s bodies need double the normal amount of calories per day to lactate sufficiently. Restricting her caloric intake could cause a breastfeeding mother to stop producing milk for her baby.

Further, doctors warn people who are prone to kidney and gall stones to avoid th​e 3 Day Military Diet because the amount of protein in the menu could cause stones to redevelop.​

Doctors note that this diet ultimately would serve people who are in good health, those who have not recently had a baby or are nursing, and those who have no underlying health conditions that could put their wellness in jeopardy. Also, teenagers and children are cautioned against this diet because they too need extra calories for brain growth, immunity, and other aspects of wellness.

Military Final Reviews And Results

Ultimately, you must decide if the reviews online are sufficient to convince you to start ​the 3 Day Military Diet program for yourself.​

The final reviews and results found online can be helpful, particularly if they come from people who have used the Military Diet correctly and have changed their diets after losing their desired amount of weight.​

Just like any online review for any product or service, you will find disgruntled reviews from people who either failed to understand important aspects of this 3 Day Diet or who for whatever reason failed to accomplish their weight loss goals. Each review you read must be viewed with a certain amount of objectivity and discernment.

Further, as you read the reviews, you must think to yourself if you have the stamina to withstand the required number of days per week for dieting, if not the required number of weeks it takes to reach a typical weight loss goal of losing 10 pounds ​in 3 days.​

As helpful as the positive online reviews and results can be to convince you to get started, they cannot guarantee your own success.​

The reviews may show you that the program is easy to follow and relatively pleasant as it leaves you satisfied and well nourished. However, your own success will be determined by how well you stick to the 3 Day Diet ​plan and what kind of effort you put into changing your diet after you reach your weight loss goal.

Undoubtedly, this program has worked for thousands of people in the past and it continues to help people today.​ The reviews and results prove this fact.​

You can count yourself among those positive reviews if you have the information you need beforehand to understand how this diet works. You must know what kind of food you must either buy or utilize from your own kitchen.​

You likewise must know what kinds of food to eat during the ​4 days of dieting downtime per week, as well as after you reach your goal.​

If you have this information on hand before you start, you could soon count yourself as a success story and part of the results upon which future dieters will count.​

Th​e 3 Day Military Diet provides you and others with a unique opportunity to lose weight in a timely manner without having to spend a lot of money or exert a lot of extra effort.

How Well Does The Military Diet Work?

The 3 Day Military Diet remains a popular weight loss plan today.​

However, before you begin it, you may wonder how well does the ​Military ​Diet work for people like you. In fact, given the reviews of this 3 Day Diet weight loss plan, it should be assumed that the diet works very well if it is followed exactly as it is written.​

You cannot make substitutions on the menu or diet for shorter or longer periods of time than the prescribed ​3 days per week if you hope to lose up to 10 pounds ​in 3 days. If you follow the menu precisely, you should be able to count yourself among those for whom the diet has worked very well.

Of course, the Internet is full of reviews from people who say it did not work for them or they only lose small amounts of weight. If you scrutinize these reviews more closely, however, you will find that those people often did not use the diet as it is intended.​

Instead, they were too presumptuous thinking that they could make menu substitutions, such as tilapia for tuna or almond milk for the vanilla ice cream. Because they adjusted the menu to their liking instead of using the approved substitution list, they undermined their own success at losing weight.

Other reviews state the people did not work out when they were on the 3 Day Military Diet. While working out is not necessarily prescribed for the 3 Day Diet, it can benefit dieters who hope to lose the 10 pound maximum ​in 3 days. Even simple exercises like taking a walk around the block once a day can help you reach this 10 pound loss ​in 3 days.

Does The Military Diet Work Long Term?

Another concern that people have with ​the 3 Day Military Diet is whether or not it works long term.​

It is true that people can quickly lose weight during the time they are on the​ 3 Day Diet. They are often thrilled with the results and are eager to show others how quickly they lost weight.

However, many people backslide once they go off the diet because they resume their former eating habits, indulging in foods that are fatty, high in calories, and generally are not good for keeping their weight down. This backsliding can occur with any diet.

Whether or not ​the Military Diet works for you long term depends on how you adjust your eating habits once you reach your weight loss goal.​

You cannot go back to eating fatty, high-calorie foods repeatedly each day if you hope to keep the weight off. You must use common sense and indulge in fatty favorites only occasionally.

Further, you must keep up some sort of fitness, even if it low-key like walking around the block or doing a few sit-ups each day. This extra physical activity will help you burn calories.

Finally, you must consider what beverages you drink each day after you go off the 3 Day Diet. You may have noticed that the ​Military ​Diet’s menu only allowed for water, black coffee, or unsweetened tea. You cannot go back to drinking soda, fruit juices, Vitamin D milk, and other fatty, sugary beverages if you hope to keep the weight off for a long term.

Should You Workout On The Military Diet?

While the ​Military ​Diet goes a tremendous way in helping you lose up to 10 pounds ​in 3 days, you can speed your weight loss goal along by working out. When you work out, you burn more calories and in turn tone your body. By the time you reach your weight loss goal, the Military Diet and the exercise both will have helped you look and feel better.

You may wonder what exercises you should do on th​e ​Military ​Diet.​

If you have never before worked out, you may need to ease yourself into a fitness regimen. Simple exercises like walking around the block or lifting small two pounds weights can go a long way in helping you build up resistance.

If you are more experienced at working out, you can do activities like working out on a stair master or using a treadmill.​

Unlike your diet, however, which calls for you to commit to the plan three days a week, you should continue working out regularly even on the four days of dieting downtime you have each week.​

By staying consistent with your exercise, you help your body burn calories faster during the days you are dieting. You also increase your metabolism so that your body only keeps the calories you need to stay healthy and active.

Does The Military Diet Work Without Exercise?

The 3 Day Military Diet does not require that you work out.​

It can allow you to lose up to 10 pounds ​in 3 Days even if you do not exercise regularly. However, in truth few people reach this 10 pound mark ​in 3 days without at least some form of exercise being added to their daily regimen.​ Only people who have very high metabolisms reach this mark without exercising​.

​If you want to lose weight rapidly and reach that 10 pound goal ​within 3 days, you should include some sort of exercise in your daily routine.

Exercise does not have to be grueling or physically impossible for you. If you have not worked out a lot before, you can do simple activities like walking around your neighborhood or climbing up and down a set of stairs in your home a few times each day.​

You can also do 10 sit-ups each morning until you build up resistance. These simple and relatively painless exercises will help you burn calories and increase your metabolic rate.

If you have exercised before, you should continue and increase your physical activities by using equipment like stair masters, treadmills, and other gym equipment to burn as more calories each day. Because t​he 3 Day Military Diet reduces your caloric intake, you should avoid overexerting yourself.​

Warning signs you should watch for while working out include dizziness, chest pains, weakness in your legs and arms, or blacking out before, during, or after exercising. If you experience any, you should cut back on your fitness plan.

Can I Do The Military Diet While Breastfeeding?

When you are breastfeeding, you need to consume extra calories to lactate and also sustain your health and that of your infant. Because you need to eat extra calories, it may not be advisable for you to go on the ​Military ​Diet.​

The 3 Day Military Diet restricts your calories for three days a week. While this brief caloric restriction would not affect someone who is healthy and not pregnant or breastfeeding, the menu could adversely affect you if you are providing milk for your baby. The restriction in calories could cause you to stop lactating altogether.

However, you may be able to go on the ​Military Diet if you are considered to be significantly overweight by your doctor. If you have more than 40 or 50 pounds to lose, your doctor may approve you going on this diet.

During the time you are breastfeeding and on the 3 Day Diet, you should check in with your doctor often. Your doctor can ensure that you are lactating enough and that your baby is receiving enough sustenance.

Your doctor can also advise you when you have reached your ideal postpartum weight. Rather than continue with the diet, you should listen to your doctor and take your weight loss clues from a medical professional.

How Healthy Is The Military Diet?

Diet fads undoubtedly flood the market today.​

With little effort, you can find all of the newest so-called diets that are supposed to miraculously make you lose weight and look better.​

Many of these fads require that you spend a lot of money on supplements, exercise equipment, drink powders, and prepared entrees.​

Despite all of the expense and hype, however, these diets often prove to be total failures, if not downright dangerous to your health.​

The ​Military Diet stands apart from these fads in that it has been used for years by everyday people to lose weight. Even more, it is healthy and continues to be a proven way to lose up to 10 pounds per week.

As you consider undergoing this 3 Day Military Diet weight loss plan, your first concern indeed may center on how healthy the ​Military ​Diet is.​

You can rest assured that it is safe and only requires that you make small changes to your eating habits three days a week. In fact, most, if not all of the foods on the Military Diet are things that you perhaps already eat regularly. These foods are low in cost and so common that you would know beforehand if you are allergic to anything on the menu and need perhaps to substitute with something else.

The foods are also combined together in unique was to help you lose weight fast. Despite losing up to 10 pounds ​in 3 days, you remain well-nourished and satisfied those three days that you are dieting each week.​

The foods are not altered in any way to deprive you or compromise your health.

How Safe Is The 3 Day Military Diet?

The 3 ​Day ​Military ​Diet is a healthy and safe way to lose weight.​

It provides you with plenty of protein, iron, calcium, Vitamin D, and other nutrients that you need for good health while also allowing you to eat enough each day of the diet to feel satisfied.

However, it should be noted as well that some people perhaps should avoid this 3 Day Diet until they are cleared by their doctor to begin it. This especially can pertain to pregnant and nursing women. They should wait until they have delivered or weaned their infants before starting this diet simply because they need extra calories each day to sustain their babies’ health.

People who have kidney or gall bladder issues also should avoid this 3 Day Diet until they are medically cleared. The amount of protein in the diet could cause them to develop stones.

However, adults who are healthy overall and need to lose weight can rest assured that the simple dietary changes involved with this diet is safe for them to take on confidently.​

The 3 Day Military Diet menu calls for you to eat healthy and safe foods like tuna, eggs, whole wheat bread, and even vanilla ice cream. These foods are proven to be safe and are readily for sale at every grocery store.

Another reason that th​e Military Diet is safe involves the short amount of time each week that you actually spend dieting.​

You are not committed to the entire seven days of the week to change your eating habits. Instead, you spend a short three days eating a carefully tailored menu.​

The other four days allow you to resume your normal eating habits within reason. As long as you are good overall health, those three days each week should not affect your wellness or your weight loss goals.

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